Preparing the images

Last update: Friday January 25 2002

Stereoscope Applet needs two images to calculate a stereo view. These two images can be applied either as one single file (JPS file) or as two separate files.

Applying two separate files:

To apply to separate files you have to use the following parameters:
<param name=leftImage value="left.jpg"> <param name=rightImage value="right.jpg">

Applying a stereo image (JPS) file:

To apply a stereo image files you have to use the following parameter:
<param name=stereoImage value="stereo.jpg">

A stereo image which is formatted in compliance to the JPS (JPEG Stereo) Standard normally contains the two images arranged for crossed viewing in one single JPG file. E.g. if you have two images 640 by 480 pixels in size, the JPS file will be 1280 by 480 pixels in size. The first 640 columns of the JPS file will contain the RIGHT image and the last 640 columns the LEFT image!
If you do not want to use these crossed arranged JPS files, you have to add the follwing parameter:

<param name=parallelJPS value=on>

File formats: