Stereoscope Applet Authoring Guide

Last update: Friday January 25 2002

This guide is intended for all people, like webmasters and web designers, who want to integrate stereo images into web pages.

Stereoscope Applet is the most popular solution to present stereo images on the Internet! Today (31 oct 2001) more than 30 sites with more than 1500 stereo images are using Stereoscope Applet!

What are stereo images?

Stereo images are images which give a better spatial perception. In contrast to a 3D image, a stereo image gives the real depth!
Stereo images can be viewed by red/green glasses, shutter glasses, autostereoscopic display and a lot of other devices. To create a stereo image you need at least two ordinary images which are taken from two different locations. Normally these two locations are your two eyes.

Why Stereoscope Applet?

Presenting stereoscopic images on the Internet is easy, but some solutions require to install special software on the client computer. That is not accepted by many users.
In contrast to that Stereoscope Applet uses the standardized Java technology to deliver high quality stereo images. Stereoscope Applet is convenient for both the web designers and the web site visitors:
The web designer can choose between the standardized JPS or separate left and right eye images and Stereoscope Applet does the rest! No more preparation of red/green, interlaced and other formats is required. No more programming of several HTML pages for the different viewing methods is needed!
The web site visitors do not need to install any software! Instead they can enjoy the stereo images immediately!

And the best point is that
Stereoscope Applet is Freeware! With the following two restrictions:

  1. It is strictly forbidden to use Stereoscope Applet on sites with adult content!
  2. It is strictly forbidden to use Stereoscope Applet on non public sites!
If you have questions about this, please contact me!
If you know about a site which is breaking these rules, please contact me, too!